Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Vision of Love

A Vision of Love

I had a vision from above
Was presented an bird’s eye view
I looked down – from a vantage point
I saw his head -his hands -his face
Dripping Blood
Down from him
Down a tree to a place below
Where tons walk in dire pain, confusion
Are lost
I felt a jolt of compassion – Its must have been a glimpse from him
As he hung from the tree
Beholding humanity
What can I say, no words can truly capture that moment
The amount of love and grace
In the face
Of his torment
His love is excruciating beyond explanation
To bring
Peace on earth and joy to all Nations
Let us give him the honor he is due
Jesus our Christ, we love and appreciate you!

T. Walmsley
 A Christmas tribute 2014



Sideways glances
In a shared room                     around me
Auburn hair
Hairs shortish spikish
Hairs straight and fair
Afro - frizzy
Hairs somewhat reddish
Heads that don dreads
Hairs dark - kinky
Room of heads

Words and pictures like fish out of water
Words floating, some tripping, sharing experiences, sharing meaning
Sideways glances, there I catch it again
Dimpled smiles, eyes dancing
Eyes focused inwardly

On words
Reeling inside ones heart and head
Like cacophony    the cackle of words loony
Some of rhythm    others out of tuny
Like a chattering monkey        I feel buffoony

No matter though in this room
Like bread crumb trails
Words lead me behind the veil
Stolen glances
I catch it
Catch words
Catch words behind words
Catch the invitation

Journey with me behind my veil
Them Words spoken there
Hidden there                                     in the inner receptacle
May not be quite                      acceptable

You stretch out your hand and take mine
The road forks ahead, you stop you stare
At once I perceive a choice
At the fork
True me or fantasy
True you – I respond candidly

I recall
The bread crumbed tail left behind
Some words misleading others leading
Like Alice in wonderland the road opens up a hole
We free fall, gaily laughing like children innocence reborn
We slip in to a tunnel filled with doors
Voices behind the doors

Those are the friends I made along the way…       you say
What’s behind that door?
You smile                                                    Baby years
These doors hold                                         memories
Come let’s meet my friends…

Finally one brass gated door with coded access keys and combination locks
Mesmerized I run and feel its cold plated panels
At once your friends hurl themselves like bouncers across the door
No this one you can’t go – you say protectively

One long hard stare between us, sideway glances
I sense your demeanour brooding
I reach to my pocket retrieving breadcrumbs
Words dropping, trailing, tripping, sailing
Entrails leading to my world

behind the veil

Monday, November 3, 2014

One can never just sum it all up

Heroes …
Fashioned from baptisms of fire
Where interactions in life inculcate strength of character
and desire
To perpetuate in life soundness
and inspire
People to be grounded and live for that which is higher

To be great is to see greatness in others
To coax out of dimness ones latent powers
Such is a hero amongst us
For in our drudgery provided vision, guidance and propelled us
To heights above - This Hero
Our great gift our great plus

A Hero gleans from the diary of their lives
Where crossroads and road signs were thoughtfully defined
Out of these treasures too our life course refined
We are blessed for this meeting that God so designed

But there was a time when fears run amok the corridors
And in between blocks and floors
From laymen to officials
Some harboring hurts
Others strategizing scores

A time when voices were hushed
Hearts were bleeding and crushed
Betrayal the order of the day
A time when work and meaning had lost its way

But now we say, it’s a new day
We smile, we work, we play
We are thankful that a hero came our way

And we are strong both inward and outward
And we’ll continue striving onwards and upwards
A legacy imprinted
Yes - One can never just sum it all up
What this hero has done or means to all of us
Our great gift and great plus

On ideas

This world is run by the power of creative ideas, the power of ideas came from God who gave man imagination. Since the time of Adam who named the species by their impressions upon him.  Man is constantly thinking, imagining, dreaming. Dreams are the mirrors of realities that take root in the mind of man from the heart of God and find place on the earth.

Dreams are so lofty and some profound, they ask us to look beyond the now, the impossibilities, the misgivings, mishaps and prejudices and garner their strength from a power bigger than the individual, bigger than the obstacles. The power is from the source of creative ideas and the source of love that spurns these ideas.  The power is God; creative ideas can only originate from only one source because God is the creator. Electricity, mobility, conveniences, medicine and more besides are all concepts given by the almighty - the inward drive from a higher mind

But ideas are more than suggestions, they are deep like convictions.  A stronger belief that finds rest in actions and results and the joy is discovery of the endeavor, its outcome and success the fulfillment
Every man has a dream, small and great. Each dream is a fragment of the pattern in Gods heart, an awakening to a hope, an excitement in possibility to reach beyond our scope and tread in un-chartered areas and to find to our delight and surprise the miracle that was birthed with an idea.

I have an idea, though vague, its possibilities send tremors down my spine. It excites my spirit and clears my mind. Though not new in invention to me it’s new in perspective and direction, in feeling and sensation

I have a dream, no not of a new world religion from Christianity but a coming together of faith, one faith  one spirit one God, not a new world order but a new love order

How can this be? Gather me the saints and send them to be fishers of men. A fisherman is not picky when sending down his net. Rescue the fish that refuse the bait
But how?
Be real

Never write off what God has not written off. Christ being blameless had throngs of sinner round him, who did not feel intimidated or condemned by him. A far cry of the Christianity we have to day, how similar to the colonial temperate to assume this is an ailment that everyone can have the same dosage of medication. Christ taught by example, his authority was in the expounding on questionable doctrine but showed a way of life, peace love justice mercy and reason besides much more

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dear Father

I let go of things that don’t serve me
I give these up and surrender all to you
Lord I pray you give me a garment of praise for this dowdy one of burden
That I rise each day to thank you for all the wonder and splendor you give so freely to me
For I know
I am exceptionally blessed and favored
I know you will turn around what seems hard to a song of beauty simply coz I acknowledge you
And I do!!
You are everything to me….
I stand coz you make me
I sleep coz you embrace me
I walk coz you guide me
I laugh coz you touch me
I’m great coz you love me
And what does that make you?
Awesome!!! beyond description, to beautiful for words, to wonderful for comprehension
Like nothing I have ever seen or heard
Who can grasp your infinite wisdom?
Who can fathom the depth of your love?
You are beautiful beyond description,
Majesty enthroned above
By T. Walmsley
and Lyrics - I stand in Awe of You from Sovereign Grace Praise


Dear God
I commit to talk to you when tempted
To walk with you when persecuted
To ask of you when challenged, intimidated and lacking wisdom
To be proactive in your word, prayer and praise
To be still - when every thing in me wants to jump - and get my solution my own way
To acknowledge that I walk by faith and not by sight
To disagree with the lies of the enemy with the truth of your word
To acknowledge that my heritage is special because you adopted me
To not be ashamed of whom I serve and whose I belong
To speak up when you say speak and to shut up when the enemy says freak!
To not act on imp - ulse but on Gods pulse which is of love, peace and righteousness
To know that when the ODDS are against me - you even the score by making me WIN!!
That your word never fails - your revelation word given to me is for direction, selection and celebration
To trust your heart when I cant trust mine
To lay every weight and sin that so easily besets at the cross and trust your word and anointing that destroys every yoke
That I have all and everything in me to be all that I should be
That no more shall I stand in the way of your prompting in my life and that by your grace I will fulfill your call
To realize that I am not forgotten or forsaken - that you know my name
That no trial or test can finish me but that indeed I will come out as gold - to the glory of your name
That I have much to be grateful for because the King of kings and the Lord of lords and the Creator of all is on my side
Therefore enemies of God watch out for God will have his day and his glory will not be denied

By Trudy ... Daughter of the Most High!


30 + years and not yet married, the lists of wants and what one gets in life gets hazier by the day for the myriad of women walking the streets. Especially with life being the constant spin to gain an education, a promotion, a nice home in a nice location and to top that, a nice man in tow. Well so much for the list. I guess we all have to reconcile with the list that never came to pass at times. Most often the frustrations compiled with biological clock ticking makes one desperate to check off some items on the list such as a godly man, a man with a good education, with good manners, good looks etc.
Society just seems to be built for two, cars are made with more than two seats, restaurant seats set are for twos and naturally topics of conversations veer to if whether one is married or not. So singles walk around feeling like emotional lame ducks, not quite getting acceptance and often viewed with suspicion. How could you be single for so long, are you? …. you can fill the blanks.
Inevitably one would expect the singles to just fade away to oblivion, the sigma of not understood by the public, deemed as being selfish or unemotionally disconnected to what is happening around them.
They say life is a teacher, and life’s teachers are our peers, parents and providence if you like. Heartbreaks, setbacks, challenges, victories are all part of the masters that teach the soul that life is a journey where one must stop, pause and ask questions or take note.
If one took a road that supposedly led to a known destination, and several attempts later doesn’t get one there, it would reckoned that another route is the option.
So the question to face is that you are single, have been for as long as you can remember, you sister, yours sister’s friends, their girlfriend, their girlfriends friends get married and the cycle goes on and on and yet somehow you don’t get hitched or get the fantastic relationship you yearned for. What happens to the “wish list” and what life eventually gave you.
Life can be a Pandora like gift, you never know what opportunities it brings about, the happy ever endings fairy books and movies often don’t see the single trudging happily alone into the sunset, it doesn’t say and she or he lived alone happily ever after, it doesn’t depict a marriage to self where one conveys promises to be faithful and true to self until death one departs.
Can one embrace ones life, for all its worth and accept that ones status is just the setting one has in the plot called life, and the main character is more important than the scene? Embracing ones life is self accepting and that includes the good things and not so appealing areas. Embracing self is very rewarding, it is a gift society will not often grant but it’s the one gift that refuses to dwell on efforts to belong, efforts to be in the right books, efforts to be the part… whatever that is.
This is a love story with self. It’s not a call to be perfect or politically correct, it’s a simple realisation that the master of the universe painstakingly took his time to create you, to him the work of art is a masterpiece. Situations and challenges do not negate the fact that his principle object of love is you. Celebrating you is being kind and accepting of ones greatness and limitations, it’s about allowing adventure and finding out what truths and joys lay latent awaiting expression. It’s about self love which is not selfish or indulgent. It’s a humble acceptance of self for even the good word says that one can not love a neighbour without loving self.
Therefore embracing self is also letting go of depreciating self evaluations imposed from whatever source. Perhaps another list ought to be drawn, a list where self appreciation and gratitude for anything and everything that pertains to you. This list can easily be checked day by day because positive things can and are perceived. Developing a heart to go to a mirror and embrace the creation before it. Embrace the scars, embrace the wrinkles and embrace the life that is yours and agree with the master of the universe that you are indeed a singular sensation.
By T. Walmsley



Arrogant is the one whose strength is measured by brute power
Young sinewy muscle straining against the current
Forging on, bulldozing the opposition
Brute strength negates that wear and tear will some time take its natural toll
Plying the mind to wonder why the frame will not hold up as usual

I want to speak about the eagle
I want to share its golden paths with you
I want to soar the clear open skies and ride the treacherous storms
Beholding the flight of an eagle
Appreciating its long talons, its wing span, its sharp eyes …. Its cry

My heart is captivated by its flight
My breath almost mingling with its heart beat, as its soars, my spirit rises Above the clouds, darkening now, thundering and how
No fright for me, the smell of the storm, sends excitement through me… beholding the eagle
I hear its cry…mingling with mine
As it heads for the sun, like a warrior on the run
Bravery builds up in me, as it flies the clouding skies

I am not afraid, I hear its cry, within me…my spirit echoes
Higher and higher it climbs... it beckons, my spirit to arise

I want to speak of the strength of an eagle, broken by choice in its sunset years
Naked and dejected alone in its own dross
Shedding weighty feathers, that once faithfully took on the heights
Now piled around like filth, dashed against bleeding skin, what was known torn away to allow for the new Failed strength, wings that can no more take flight, broken beak, voiceless cry, watching the skies while others fly...

I want to speak of the heart of an eagle, a choice not to live again in worldly pursuit
A choice not to grope with the mundane, the irrelevant the temporal
A heartbroken, with new sprout of feathers, new strength, new resolve
To fly once more, a broad back to carry a loftier load, to carry the creators original code
To forge on for better grander far nobler things
That to which the creator desires

As the eagles soars
I fly within

 By T. Walmsley

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Standing in titles?

Standing by the Jordan banks was a man - the Messiah
God amongst us, He humbled himself
Walked with humanity understood human calamity
Yet graced with divinity
Did not clamour for fame nor publicity....

Standing at the brink is humanity
Cordoned by sins propensity
Man eat man, hate man conformity
Displaced from grace all creation's misplaced
He died to give back hope to a lost people... The Christ
our Saviour, our safety , our sanity

Titles for free, some paid for
none truly of merit
Perception of mans worth
Rendered from man to man
Yet God has through Christ titled believers Co heirs, beloved, seated on high
The very righteousness of God

If one was to stand in titles, may it be in this
Blood bought, written in the book of Life
Jesus our Kingsman Redeemer
No title can rival

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spirit of our Nation

Spirit of our Nation
Just who are you

Where do you reside
Is it in hearts you hide?

Where can one pin point your location?
Are you a corporate hope of an inner vexation?

Are you buried in the ground?
Sons and daughters whispering from a secret mound

Are you daily pounding on the streets?
Reciting Wananchi’s inner conflicts

Are you in the breasts of Fathers and Mothers?
Resounding prayers from different hallowed quarters

Are you in the slums?
Tired of waiting for hand outs, tired of being described the so called hoodlums

Do you speak from the rural enclose
Are your opinions and purpose a threatened recluse

Who hears your voice, does it whisper or shout
Does it have choice, merit or clout?

Mama Mboga, Jua Kali Hawker
Are you in the breathe of the Casual Worker
Construction laborer, Farm or Dock hand
Where do you stand?

Spirit of our Nation
Just who are you

Are you just a phantom voice?
Having no shape or poise
Are you extinct?
Having no abode or precinct

Are you past, present or future
Perhaps speaking from our culture
Are you enshrined in our constitution?
Are you recognized in our young men’s visions?
Are you good and fair?
Or do you break and tear
Is your cause just or is gain your thrust

Spirit of our Nation
Just who are you